Kids shows that won’t drive you insane

All of these are on Netflix as of 03/21/2015.

  • Bo on the Go – Has a lot of Ska music. A Canadian import that tries to get your kid to exercise. Good animation.
  • Ruby Gloom. Goths who live in a haunted mansion. Refreshingly, the title character has a sunny disposition. There is a depressed character named Misery, but she is the only really stereotypical cast member. The music is a high point — many songs are strongly remininiscent of The Cure and other bands like that. Lots of references and jokes for adults.
  • Daniel Tiger. PBS show – Cartoon set in the Mr. Roger universe. A lot of emotional intelligence lessons. Music is OK if occasionally clunky.
  • Leapfrog series. Especially the CGI animation reboot. Good production values. There is a lot of merchandise Leapfrog puts out but it’s not pushed in the show.
  • Curious George. PBS Show – Newer version of Curious George. Theme song is a bouncy jazz number, with lots of jazz in the show.