Note: all essays on are by Karen.

Like most of my colleagues, I come to the field of web development from an unusual Weltanschaung; my education is in Religious Studies. When I started trying to earn my BA in that field, my intention was to become a professor of biblical interpretation. As I began to approach my graduation date, the idea of spending another seven years in school just didn’t seem appealing to me anymore. I decided to enter the field of web development instead, partly because I am an information addict.

It is this addiction to information that prompts me to continue posting these academic essays, even after multiple, drastic redesigns of my site; I just cannot bear to let go of potentially useful data.


  1. “Weltanshaung”: roughly, the way one looks at the world.

  1. “Religious Studies”: This may not be so rare after all. My Project Manager at MIS also received her BA in Religious Studies.

  1. “seven years”: I started college at Simon’s Rock in 1995, at the age of 15. My youth was the primary reason it took me so long to graduate; I couldn’t decide on a direction. At various points, I have focused on and/or majored in: Creative Writing, Music, German, Computer Science, Archaeology, and Religious Studies.