Chad Lundgren’s Resume

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Web Development

  • Have been hand coding HTML, CSS to web standards for over 10 years
  • Focus on progressive enhancement and responsive design
  • Worked on a Single Page Application (SPA) using backbone.js to consume multiple services from an API
  • Hand code JavaScript for over 10 years: use vanilla JavaScript or jQuery, node.js, npm, grunt
  • Use Sass for CSS
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility for mobile (Android Chrome, iOS Safari) and desktop browsers—Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11
  • Optimize web sites using gzip compression, CSS sprites, object oriented CSS (OOCSS), and JS and CSS minification
  • Ruby on Rails, including rspec
  • PHP5. Used various frameworks
  • Use MySQL 5
  • Build for white hat search engine optimization, making use of title tags, structural HTML, copy, and keyword-based filenames using clean (readable) URLs
  • Code with accessibility issues, with ADA and ARIA in mind
  • Conduct usability testing: preparing, conducting, and analyzing tests to make a site easy to use

Other Skills

  • Writing skills, including copy-writing, and explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences
  • Write professional email
  • Editing skills: able to edit complex technical material
  • Experience with digital photography: photographic principles, cropping, color and contrast correction, image cleanup, RAW conversion techniques in Photoshop

Work Experience

  • Commerce Kitchen. Senior Web Engineer. Using Ruby on Rails, CSS, JavaScript, backbone.js, HTML5, PHP, MySQL to work on several large sites, including one eCommerce site. (08/2012 – current)
  • AllonHill (recruiter: Kforce). PHP Developer. (12/11 – 08/2012).  Worked on custom system that helps banks perform due diligence, using MySQL, PHP, and XUL
  • IBM (recruiter:  Manpower).  Local Services Administrator & Web Developer. (03/11 – 12/11). Worked with PHP (using the YII framework), MySQL, CSS, XHTML on websites to support IBM’s Learning Division; also offered technical support to classes in IBM’s Boulder location
  • University of Colorado, Denver, CITT. Web Developer. (02/10 – 03/11). Writing custom CSS for departmental websites, writing PHP applications interfacing with MySQL and SQL Server in CodeIgniter
  • Computer Science Department, University of New Mexico (UNM). Web Designer. (08/04 – 09/09, permanent position; 11/03 – 05/04 – temporary position). Responsible for usability testing, visual design, PHP, Smarty, CSS, XHTML & information architecture for a large web site
  • ClientLogic. (04/03 – 10/03). Technical Support Representative. Working on the Tivo campaign at ClientLogic, providing technical support for Tivo customers
  • Oso Grande Technologies. (01/00 – 9/02). Web Developer. Designed, performed usability tests on, and created web sites. Gained extensive experience integrating legacy systems into modern web systems. Developed, configured, and trained users on eCommerce packages


  • Sublime Text, Netbeans, Developer Tools on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Google Analytics, including goals, segment breakdown, event tracking
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Over 10 years experience with UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X) command line skills, including git, find, ack (upgraded version of grep),
  • Apache server software: configure for server side redirects, friendly error pages, page compression, clean URLs using rewrite rules


  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Graduated with two Bachelor’s Degrees: English, with a concentration in Professional Writing, and Political Science
  • Future of Web Design, November 2015
  • Velocity, June 2014
  • CSS Dev Conf, October 2013
  • An Event Apart, September 2010
  • Web Design World, July 2000

References: Available on request