Chad Lundgren’s Resume

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  • Worked with React, mobx (similar tool to Redux) to write widget interfacing with RESTFUL API.
  • Use async/await, arrow functions, spread operators, destructuring, and other modern JavaScript features
  • Use mocha, chai, and enzyme for units tests; have also used jasmine
  • Hand code JavaScript for over 10 years
  • Have been hand coding HTML and CSS to web standards for over 10 years; using SASS for CSS
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility for mobile (Android Chrome, iOS Safari) and desktop browsers — Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer 11
  • Use vanilla JavaScript, lodash, underscore.js, tools like yarn, npm, grunt, webpack
  • Worked on a Single Page Application (SPA) using backbone.js for over 3 years to consume multiple APIs
  • Coding in Ruby on Rails for 4 years, including testing with rspec and capybara
  • Fluent in Linux and Mac OS X command line interfaces (CLI)
  • Focus on progressive enhancement and responsive design
  • Build for white hat SEO, making use of title tags, structural HTML, copy, and keyword-based filenames using clean URLs
  • Optimize web sites using gzip, CSS sprites, object oriented CSS (OOCSS), and minification
  • Write MySQL 5 and ActiveRecord.
  • Written in PHP5 with and without various frameworks (CodeIgniter, YII, etc)
  • Code with accessibility issues, with ADA and ARIA in mind
  • Have worked with Agile and Scrum for over 4 years
  • Used Rally (CA Agile), Jira, Trello, Zendesk, and Pivotal Tracker project management tools
  • Writing skills: web copy-writing; explaining technical concepts to non-technical audiences
  • Write professional email

Work Experience

Software Developer at NBCUniversal Media, LLC (01/2018 — current)

  • Work with Python, server-side JavaScript and SQL (MariaDB and Oracle), as well as Linux command line tools.
  • Add new functionality to Mediator, a media asset management tool used to facilitate global distribution of NBCUniversal’s vast content library to multiple licensees such as iTunes, Amazon Video, and Hulu.
  • Use Clickup and Jira to work in an Agile workflow, using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE) method.

Optum Technologies. Web Developer. (05/2017 — 12/2017 )

  • Work on new secure messaging widget written in React to allow HIPAA-compliant information sharing between medical professionals and patients
  • Work on existing Ruby on Rails API site, multi-tenant Rails/Backbone messaging site, which uses SSO to authenticate various clients
  • Create custom Jenkins job allowing individual spec files to be run
  • Tools: Rally (CA Agile) system, Flowdeck, git, Rubymine, Jenkins (continuous integration server)

Commerce Kitchen. Senior Web Engineer. (08/2012 — 05/2017)

  • Worked on several Ruby on Rails and PHP sites, including the official site for a large Colorado transportation company.
  • Agile workflow, including standups, IPMs, retros, and other Agile ceremonies
  • Used Pivotal Tracker, Trello, Zendesk and Jira project management tools
  • Interfaced with a third-party QA person, including acceptance testing and regression testing
  • Ruby on Rails skills used:
    • Upgraded a site from Rails 3 to Rails 4, including tests
    • Used a setup with 3 separate servers: staging, integration, and production, and a git workflow to go with those
    • Worked with capistrano including custom tasks
    • Used rspec, including gems shoulda_matchers, database_cleaner, seedbank, capybara, and factory_girl to write over 1000 tests for 95% test coverage for one site, including model, controller, and feature tests
    • Added parallel_tests gem to increase the test speed of a large test suite by 40%
    • Added rack-rewrite gem to handle client request for SEO canonical URLs
    • Use common Rails gems such as devise, cancancan, rolify, paperclip, ckeditor
    • Worked on various features for a custom CMS, including user-defined forwards, and hybrid Rails/CMS pages
    • Implemented custom layout and functionality for corporate branches
    • Provided tools in the CMS for multiple branches to update the main corporate branding website so each could update their own branch’s contact information
    • Worked on XML feed directly interfacing with SalesForce to syndicate product information to 3 different sites (each with their own XSD)
    • Used new_relic tracking to help improve performance
  • JavaScript skills used:
    • Used backbone.js Single Page Architecture (SPA) to interface with a SalesForce Apex API, which returns JSON to power product results and detail pages
    • Coded various other pages using vanilla JavaScript, jQuery and underscore.js to access the API custom inventory listing tailored to each branch
    • Also used JavaScript API to power two different kinds of inventory search, and show product images only when products are available
    • Performed acceptance testing on 8 different JSON APIs with 3 different developers, including multiple rounds, diagnosing issues with stage and live servers
    • Worked with underscore.js, jQuery, vanilla JavaScript.
    • Have used modern JavaScript tools like grunt, gulp, npm when working on non-Rails sites
  • HTML5/CSS3 skills used:
    • Used handwritten HTML5 to power sites, including semantic elements, SEO-friendly headline structure, HTML audio and video
    • Hand-wrote CSS3 (using SASS) to power websites.
    • Optimized CSS size on a site to under 40Kb (compressed) to improve first render time and overall speed
    • Have begun using CSS flexbox for layout, looking forward to using CSS Grid, just released this month (March 2017) by Chrome and Firefox with Safari support coming soon
    • Have been getting up to speed on CSS Grid behind browser flags recently
    • Used Object-Oriented CSS approach to improve modularity and reuse, reduce CSS size
    • Ensured cross-browser compatibility by using iPhone/iPad Simulator to check iOS Safari, VirtualBox to check in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, 10 and 9, as well as desktop Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
    • Advised client when Google Analytics indicated that Internet Explorer 8 was no longer worth supporting (less than 1% usage)
    • Wrote and maintained full-functionality responsive design phone and tablet designs, using media queries, viewport meta tags, and responsive image techniques
    • Frequently chosen to retrofit sites to responsive design, as my boss and my co-workers agree that my CSS knowledge is extensive and up-to-date
    • Did ADA audits and fixes on various sites: most of this was HTML, but a bit of JavaScript work was sometimes needed

AllonHill. PHP Developer. (12/11 — 08/2012).

  • Worked on custom system that helped banks perform due diligence
  • Technologies: MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and XUL — used to define Firefox plugins.
  • XUL strongly influenced flexbox and CSS Grid, which are the new standard is how to lay out webpages.
  • Wrote elaborate SQL queries to handle complex legal logic
  • Investigated and determined how much of jQuery works with XUL, since jQuery is normally used with HTML

IBM. Local Services Administrator & Web Developer. (03/11 — 12/11).

  • Worked with on websites to support IBM’s Learning Division
  • Technologies : PHP (YII framework), MySQL, CSS, XHTML, Linux
  • Also offered technical support to classes in IBM’s Boulder location
  • Primary website worked on was a training site: we presented it to teams in Europe, Asia, and America, so internationalization was important.

University of Colorado, Denver, CITT. Web Developer. (02/10 — 03/11).

  • Worked on university websites as well as bidding on external websites
  • Technologies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server
  • Wrote custom CSS and JavaScript using CMS templates for departmental websites
  • Coded PHP applications interfacing with MySQL and SQL Server in CodeIgniter framework

Computer Science Department, University of New Mexico (UNM). Web Designer. (08/04 — 09/09).

  • Responsible for usability testing, visual design, PHP, Smarty, CSS, XHTML & information architecture for a large web site
  • Technologies: CSS, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, Smarty, Linux, Apache
  • Configured departmental Apache webserver
  • Also worked on a PHP/MySQL site for department applicants


  • Sublime Text, Netbeans, Developer Tools on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Google Analytics, including goals, segment breakdown, event tracking
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Over 10 years experience with UNIX (Linux, Mac OS X) command line skills, including git, find, ack (a grep replacement), ifconfig, dig, ps, curl, etc
  • Apache server software: configure for server side redirects, friendly error pages, page compression, clean URLs using rewrite rules


  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Graduated with two Bachelor’s Degrees: English, with a concentration in Professional Writing, and Political Science
  • Conferences Attended:
    • Future of Web Design
    • Velocity
    • CSS Dev Conf
    • An Event Apart
    • Web Design World

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