I have worked on various sites using Ruby on Rails, CSS/HTML, JavaScript MVC, and PHP/MYSQL roles.

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Sites Worked on

  • Official site for a $500 million dollar company using Ruby on Rails and backbone.js to consume an API
  • Internal training websites for IBM using XHTML, PHP, YII Framework.
  • UNM Computer Science – Visual Design, CSS, HTML, PHP/Smarty
  • UNM Graduate Student Application – Visual Design, CSS, HTML, PHP/Smarty, MySQL
  • Zen Haiku – my former weblog. Design is with a few small tweaks, has earned the mobile friendly label from Google

CSS Work

I implemented the initial CSS designs on UC Denver’s MOSS CMS. I wrote the entire initial style sheet (excepting reset and CMS boilerplate), based on the University master style sheet and branding guidelines. Visual designs were by Vermilion.

  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy

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