Site look upgraded; Images now responsive

I read about WordPress 4.4 and I decided to play around with them. I like the look of 2016 so I switched to that and may keep on customizing it.

In order to save yourself some grief, although the below image does not show the srcset and sizes attributes in the Text (HTML) view in WordPress post editor, it does in the actual HTML. Confusing if you ask me.

cute-chipmunkI did have to install gd first though – I was only getting the uploaded size.  I have a Rackspace VPS though – I would hope other WordPress hosters would have that installed already.

I am quite glad to see that WordPress is getting on the responsive image bandwagon: given the number of sites run on WordPress, this should help make the mobile web faster for (literally) millions of people.

Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb Review: Fitz & the Fool have a Magical Love Child

Massive Spoiler Alert again. 
For the first book in the new series, Fool’s Assassin, and The Farseer Trilogy and The Tawny Man series.  Oh, and the Rain Wild series too. Isn’t that some kind of record, spoiling three prior series in one book?

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Favorite New Zealand Expressions

While watching The Almighty Johnsons (a well-done urban fantasy set in New Zealand) on Netflix, I have been noticing some expressions. I’m listing my favorite here.

  • Shot through — took off (and didn’t come back) Easily my favorite new expression.
  • Getting your end away — Having sex — a bit like getting off
  • Nut bar — nut job
  • Munted — wrecked. Used as a synonym for pissed
  • Root (verb) – To have sex. Pretty rude.
  • Suck the kumara— endure hard times, lose, kick the bucket – possible origins being in death and thus below ground. A kumara is a sweet potato.

It’s also fun listening to the accent. It is kind of like Australian. Speaking of which, not sure which of these are unique to Kiwis and which are shared with Australians. I’m also trying to avoid any expression that I know are British (like “gutted” for “bummed out” or “pissed” for “wasted” (drunk) )